Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Crazy Week

It's only Tuesday and it's been a crazy week.  My mother had surgery yesterday on her ankle.  Four screws and one steel plate. I can't imagine how painful that's going to be when it starts healing.

My sister came home to help out.  I really do miss her.  I'm glad she's here, but I'm afraid that everything has been so busy that we haven't really been able to visit.

With my sister being home and everything that's been going on, it makes me miss life when things were simpler, the boys were younger, etc.   I miss when my boys thought I was the smartest, most incredible person in the world.  I miss their sweet hugs and kisses, because teenagers just don't hand those out. I miss snuggling in the bed while we read  books.  I miss watching cartoons on Saturday mornings.  I went to bed one night and woke up and now I have these amazing young men.  They are funny, bright, crazy smart and starting to spread their wings.  I don't think I'm going to be that good at pushing them out of the nest so they can fly, even though that's what all this has built up to.  I keep wanting to reach out and grab them and pull them back in. And, of course, any time I act like a "Mom" I get THAT look from my boys...the "Oh God Mom, REALLY?" look.  Yes, son, really.  I know that one day they'll understand, but then I'll be a grandmother and I'm not ready to think that far ahead.

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