Friday, April 30, 2010

Blog Life

As I sit here wishing I had some horsradish to go with my roast beast sandwich (roast beef for those non loving Dr. Suess people) I'm thinking about all the various blogs out there.  Obiviously, I'm new to this.  I have no followers....I'm boring...nobody loves me...everybody hates hoo. Seriously though, I find the whole thing very interesting. There are "normal" (and I cringe at that word) blogs, business blogs, family blogs, craft blogs, etc.  They are all so neat in their diversity. I've discovered that I've been living in a cave.  The ones that really crack me up are the "Blogs" that are actually advertisements for various products from weight loss to teeth whitening.  Really?  Do I appear so gullible that one would think that some mom "discovered" a way to whiter teeth when there are at least a dozen other moms that made this same discovery?  Of course, I really shouldn't get on my high horse because aren't all blogs a form of advertisement?  We are advertising ourselves.  Our market value is shown by how many followers we have and if we have paying advertisers.  I must learn how to sale myself better because, by my own definitions, I'll be out of business soon....

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