Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Is this thing on? Is there anybody out there...."Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anybody home?" (Courtesy of Roger Waters and David Jon Gilmour. Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd...duh) It just seemed appropriate.

So....how's life? Sorry for the silence. Everything has been fine...even good...and on some occasions great. Just a bit overwhelming.

There was the annual beach trip...who are these young men?
Lots of sand and surf...
And a little more...
Even some fireworks...

Of course there was yarn...knitting and crocheting....
And mixed in was a little bit of this...wine, that is.  I've always been a bit mad.
I'm hoping that since summer is over and everyone is back in school (and both home...oldest taking a few courses at community college) I'll get back into a routine. Work has been insane and I hope that it doesn't slow down - can you say job security? So I'll be easing back into this...maybe a post a week? Maybe? I've been doing a lot of reading and visiting on my phone, thus no comments. Have you ever noticed what a pain in the rear it is to try and leave comments when you can hardly see it? Anyway, to make a long story short. I here and I can't begin to tell you how much I've missed you all.


  1. Welcome back!!!! Sounds like you have been enjoying life to its fullest.

  2. I missed you too! Sounds like life is great for you. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. I was thinking of you yesterday and then here you are! I have missed you and am so happy to see you in this space.
    The boys have gotten so grown up and so handsome.
    I am thrilled that life is good in your world my friend.

  4. A glad to see you back. It looks like you've had a lovely time with your family and that's more important than blogging. We'll be here waiting when you can pop in for a chat! :-)

  5. Well hello stranger!. :-) Good to see you back. Lovin that yarn thingy there just above that mad house wife!!

  6. Hello!! so glad you're back! I'm only just back to blogging after a summer off... xx

  7. so good to "see" you and know all is well with you and your family! Lovely beach photos and boy have your boys grown up over the summer :)

  8. Oh, glad you're back! Been hoping everything was ok...it's good to hear from you again!

  9. oh, I've missed you so!!!!! glad it's been a happy busy time. glad you're back!

  10. When were you there. We were there 8/24-8/31. Some day I am sure we will all be there at the same time. Glad you are OK, just busy!

  11. Welcome back!!! Sounds like fine times (I especially like the part with wine).

    Wishing you a lovely day.