Monday, May 6, 2013

#%^*€¥£&@! Dahlia

I can honestly say that I don't think that I have ever hated a pattern more than I do this one, at this moment.  I have never wanted to scream, throw things and smoke a cigarette in the last five years than I have at this moment, with this pattern. I have made two attempts at the center lace panel. I have counted very carefully.  I have checked and  double checked and you would think, at my age, I would be able to count with ease. Yeah, not so much.  Seriously, how difficult is it to count, yarn over, knit two together, slip slip knit, etc.  These are all things I can do with ease...on every single pattern that I've knitted until this one.  So please excuse my profanity as I ripped this $^%&*@ lace piece out...again.

Thanks so much for letting me vent.  I will probably start over again tomorrow in the peace and quiet of my home, with no distractions, a bottle of wine (not just a glass) and plenty of chocolate. And maybe I'll get the blooming thing done. I have not given up....yet.

On a much happier note, a friend of mine has rescued three ferrel kittens.

Look at this face....he just opened is eyes in the last couple of days.  He's only 11 days old.

Here they are. Aren't they just the cutest things? The dark one is the sister and she has a home waiting for her once she's old in, once they are weened.  We just have to find homes for the brothers. I'm afraid that I can't keep them and neither can my friend. So if you know anyone in the area and they are open to owning one or both adorable little kitties, just let me know.


  1. Oh my friend I can sympathize with you! Some patterns are just almost impossible but I'm sure you'll master it with perseverance. Frustrating. The kitties are really cute and I hope you find good homes for all of them.

  2. SO sorry to hear that you're having trouble with that pattern.. it looked SO good on your first photo! I had trouble with my shawl too.. but crochet is so much easier to take out and get started again than knitting. Good luck with the kittens. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. I've been there done that with lace knitting a time or two myself so I can relate. Not sure the wine is going to help with the counting though. LOL! Just sayin. Those kitties are adorable. I'm to far away or I would take one in a heart beat. Hope they find loving homes. :-)

  4. Oh honey, lace has the capacity to drive me nuts too. May the power of wine and chocolate help you in your hour of need... Could those cute kitties help? ;) x

  5. I hear you on the knitting. I sure hope the wine and chocolate help :)

    Cute kittens.

  6. Rip it out and do it again. If you still have problems it could very well be the pattern. I gave up on my first circular shawl and switched to an EZ pattern. No problems at all! Love the sweet kitten faces :)

  7. well, so much for me dreaming of doing THIS pattern!!!! (You have checked the errata sheet?? Once I was beating myself up--sort of like you are now doing---and it wasn't my fault at all!!! Note: I said 'once'.....usually it IS me making the mistakes!!!!)

  8. LOL! I was freaking out trying to sew in a circle with the machine a few months ago. Does that count for empathy? My whole family kept telling me to walk away and take a break. Oh goodness, I hope the wine & chocolates help...
    I'm having a margarita & chocolate tonight. It's been a crazy day.