Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Stash Diving

Things have been their normal busy around here. We did house cleaning (ugh!) over the weekend. I have to have everything clean so that I don't have to worry about the "big" cleaning while my sister is here...she gets in tonight - YEA! She'll be staying at my Sainted Mother's house, I just don't want to have to deal with that stuff while she's home. I want my spare time to be spent visiting.

Speaking of my Sainted Mother :)  Her birthday was in March. I always try to make her something and she had dropped hints about wanting a lacy scarf...and since I finally finished it...that's what she gets.  I just finished blocking it and yes, it's a little late, but not as late as some of her other gifts have been.

Here is the artful display....ahem

Here it is before I removed the blocking wires - Just a little sample.  I crocheted it and it's actually a wide scarf (almost rectangular shawl) done with a mohair body and a silk trim.  You know what the greatest thing about this is?  The yarn was in my stash. Score!  I know I already spent the money to buy the yarn, but it's been there long enough that it feels almost like a freebie.  Am I the only one that thinks like that?

And while I was stash diving, I found this great cotton yarn - Patagonia from Araucania. I got it one year at SAFF when we did a yarn swap.  It has been sitting in the cabinet for a couple of years now, waiting patiently. And I decided that I need a new hat and mitts.

Nothing too fancy.  The hat is a feather and fan pattern and the mitts are just standard stuff.  The yarn is really quite pretty with blues, greens and yellows.  I think they'll be great next fall...and soo soft.

While my sister is home, we may or may not (depending on time), have a little KAL.  The Mericash Neck and Wrist Warmers. I think I may have just the right my stash....yes, again! It's the little things in life that excite me.

I really have been trying to refrain from yarn shopping.  I have enough fiber in my house that I should be spinning more and buying less. Not to mention that I promised to take my sister to my two favorite yarn stores while she's here....yup, walking straight into temptation. But I will be strong...and live vicariously through my sister. Because it's almost as much fun watching someone else buy yarn as it is to buy it yourself....right?  Do I sound convincing?


  1. I am convinced anyway ;). And all stash is free once it becomes stash. Have a great time with your sister - mine is a non-crafter. Your knits are all lovely xx

  2. looks like it was definitely worth the wait....i'm sure she'll love it!!! have a blast with sis!

  3. Oh you have to go yarn hopping because when you knit from it (eventually) you will warmly think back to when you were with your sis!! Love your mom's present and the hat and mitts are beautiful!! Have fun with that sister of yours!!!!!

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  5. I am not convinced at all :) Love the scarf and the hat and mitts. Have fun with your sister.

  6. I love the scarf and hat and mitts. All of your projects are lovely. And I agree that once it becomes stash it's free. Yarn shops can be dangerous though. If you are REALLY serious about not buying anything you should leave all methods of purchasing at home if possible. :-)

  7. I have a boat load of yarn in my "office", but that didn't keep me from ordering some cotton from KnitPicks.. I'm a bad bad girl. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. I'm with you all the way up until you said your going into a yarn shop and NOT buying any yarn......ya lost me there!!!! I'm pretty sure that's a crime!!! That's just no way for any self respecting knitter to talk. ;O Love the mohair and silk scarf and hat and mitts btw. Have fun with your sister! :-)

  9. Such pretty things coming off your needles!

    Yes, I feel if I get yarn from my stash it's free and I've saved tons of money and time by not going to the yarn store ;)

    Enjoy your time with you sister and buy yarn, stash it away and one day when you need just the right yarn for a project you can pull it out and it won't cost you anything!

  10. Gorgeous! She's one lucky lady to have you- and that beautiful scarf too :)