Friday, November 19, 2010

What To Do?

I'm a little bemused.  Tonight, Car Guy and Number One Son are going to the Duke basketball game.  Number Two Son is having a friend sleep over, so he'll be occupied.  I'll be free and clear for a few hours to do WHATEVER I WANT?!?!  Now I'm trying to decide.  I have TONS of laundry that needs to be done and I do have to stay at home so the boys have some supervision....but who wants to do laundry on a Friday night? Not me.  I'll also have the remote control all to myself.  I can watch anything on TV that I want to....maybe I'll have a chick flick marathon, while I work on my crochet projects.  Maybe I'll get the completed projects blocked.  Maybe I'll read a smut novel while eating way too much chocolate while having a glass of wine...Hmmm.  Oh the possibilities!  Any suggestions?


  1. It seems lots of people want to do wash on a Friday night, you can never get a washer here.

    I say do whatever you want to.

  2. Nooooo! They don't have their christmas tree up already! thats NUTSO!!!!!!!!
    My dad used to chop down a pine from his pine forest on the 1st of december every year when we were kids, and it was always half dead by christmas day..... he's a bit more restrained now we're older!!! ha ha
    As for friday night, I say do it all! God it must be lovely to have a night all for you! Hope you had fun!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    oh and p.s. You left butter off your list of things you can't have too much of! ;OP

  3. What did you do??? I kept going on my craft, arrrrh, running out of time, I have a friend coming to visit for 3 days, so I am down 3 days, panic , panic xx Sandi

  4. Hey there! Just a note to say, I have been "following" your blog for some time, but I never go into Google Reader, so haven't been keeping up with you at all! I have linked to you from my page now, and will be able to see when you update. So I look forward to doing just that!

    What DID you do with all that free time? Every option you were considering sounded wonderful. If only we could listen to music, watch a good movie, read a smut novel, crochet, AND eat chocolate all at once! Someone needs to invent that, STAT.